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Homeowner believes new Habitat houses will inspire others to care for their properties

Lacey Edwards says her grandmother is losing the best tenant she ever had.


Lacey and her 2-year-old daughter Alarrah will have their own space after the Jimmy Carter Work Project.

For the past three years, Lacey has rented a one-bedroom apartment on the back of her grandmother's house. But after the Jimmy Carter Work Project, she will move into her own home, built with Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County in Monroe, Mich.

Lacey admits to being a little intimidated about the construction work. "I just want to make sure I live up to Habitat's expectations," she says.

But she is dedicated to building a house for herself and her 2-year-old daughter Alarrah. "It makes you appreciate the hard work others put in when you put that much in yourself," Lacey says. "I'm excited about seeing how it's going to go and, when it's finished, what I helped do."

She gives Alarrah a cookie and a cup of juice and laughs, "I'm looking forward to that new house and all the 'firsts' there—the first spill, the first marks on the walls…."

Lacey and Alarrah will be moving only a few blocks away from Lacey's grandmother, and Lacey is happy about the opportunity to stay in the neighborhood. "It makes the community better," she says of the new construction. "It inspires the people already living here to keep their homes up better. It's a trickle-down effect."

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