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Moving into the 'house of love'

Margarita Pichardo is calling her Habitat house "the house of love."

Margarita Pichardo is eager to move into her new Habitat house, which will provide more room for her and her children.

"It's built with love," she explains. Margarita says she has never had an experience like the one she has had building her house with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Like many Habitat homeowners, Margarita is surprised that volunteers will give of their time to help others. "It's a good deed," she says, shaking her head. "One day God is going to repay them for that."

Margarita will be moving out of an apartment complex where she has lived for almost five years. It is far too crowded for her and her two children, William Burgos, 15, and Janelle Burgos, 12. William has to sleep on an air mattress in the living room in their current home, and they do not have enough storage space for clothes and other belongings.

Not only inside their home will they have more room, but also outside. "I've always wanted to have a yard and do gardening," Margarita says.

As the completion of her house draws closer, Margarita says she can't sleep at night for all the excitement. "I never dreamed of a new house," she says. "The bank said I would never qualify—but now it's possible.

"I wish time would fly!"

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