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Wonderful People

Volunteers are the hands and feet of the Jimmy Carter Work Project, a force without which families living in real poverty could not hope to begin improving their lives.

JCWP 2004 volunteers share laughs as they work to raise the walls on their assigned home in Veracruz, Mexico. Photo by Greg Pachkowski

Past Jimmy Carter Work projects have brought church groups, friends, corporations, college teams and families to the work sites to turn their faith into stable new homes for families all over the world. Keith Thompson of Greeley, Colo., a JCWP 2004 volunteer in Veracruz, Mexico, made the long journey with his daughter as a way to share his devotion to Habitat’s mission with her.

“One of the things I enjoy about traveling with Habitat is meeting the people and getting my blessings from the homeowners. I want my children to have that experience too,” Thompson says. “I want them to see that there are a lot of wonderful people all over the world.”

This summer an army of these “wonderful people” will be raising walls in Detroit and Benton Harbor communities. With their help, new Habitat families will be able to escape the high rents that keep them living paycheck to paycheck, as well as the dilapidated housing and sadly declining neighborhoods that mar the cityscape.

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