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Building veteran says 'we're right on schedule'

“We’re right on schedule, maybe even a little ahead,” says Barbara Jackson, a crew leader on April Mobley’s home on East High Street in Benton Harbor.

Crew leader Barbara Jackson checks
on the progress of a volunteer
painting door trim.

Barbara works as construction manager at Habitat for Humanity North Fulton in Roswell, Ga., where she walks daily among sawdust flurries and swinging hammers. So, since she does this kind of work every day, what has fired her up to give a week of her own time to help a partner family build a house? It has something to do with the excitement of a blitz build and the chance to see her work culminating after just a few days.

“I like the Jimmy Carter Work Project because I can see how it lets families be proud of their homes,” she says. “Back home, I often go back and see the homes that have been finished, and you can really see what a difference it makes in people’s lives.”

Barbara also likes getting the chance to work with new crews coming from different parts of the world. On the Mobley house, she says, there is a good mix of skilled workers and volunteers who have never built before, creating a great energy that has made the whole build run smoothly.

And for this experienced volunteer, there has only been one real surprise this week: “The cold showers back at the dorm!”

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