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‘It must get into the blood’

“How’d we get here? I think we drove,” says Glenn St. Clair with a smile.

Glenn and his wife Jerre, a retired couple from Berrien Springs, Mich., are among the fleet of support volunteers who are vital to keeping the Benton Harbor site running smoothly. They are two of the friendly faces greeting the volunteer buses as they arrive, and they also work street patrol, manning the “checkpoints” on street corners within the site.

Glenn and Jerre St. Clair man
their post at the corner of
Thresher and McCord.

For Glenn, a great part of being at the Jimmy Carter Work Project is seeing all the pieces of such a large-scale project come together.

“We’ve been involved with Harbor Habitat for a while now,” he says. “We’ve served on committees and worked with Lilly Massa’s volunteer group. So I like seeing how it’s all getting put together.”

”It must get into the blood,” says Jerre.

The St. Clairs are certainly an important part of it “all getting put together.” Without volunteers like them showing up faithfully each day, the Jimmy Carter Work Project would be an impossible task.

The St. Clairs are former world travelers, having worked with a leprosy hospital in Sierra Leone and a humanitarian effort in Nepal. They have also operated their own charity organizing education and medical projects in third world countries. Now they are enjoying life’s slower pace, which lets them spend time with their ten grandchildren and participate in their their hobby, Model A racing.

”Life has been good,” says Glenn.

”Amen,” says Jerre.

Since they have enjoyed their travels and their work helping people over the years, Glenn and Jerre encourage others to get involved with Habitat—whether for a single day’s build or something as expansive as the Jimmy Carter Work Project.

”Do it,” says Jerre. “Go for it. Absolutely.”

—Emily Koon, Writer/Editor, Habitat for Humanity International

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