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'Happy Guy' shares his outlook with others

Seungbong Lee from Seoul, South Korea, has traveled enough to understand that pronouncing his name often poses a challenge for English-speakers. To bridge the language barrier, he goes by “Happy Guy”—a nickname that matches his positive outlook on life. This week Seungbong has every reason to be happy as he builds houses and hope with volunteers from all walks of life.

Seungbong Lee, aka Happy Guy, shares his building skills—and his happy personality—on the JCWP site.

Seungbong first learned about Habitat from a volunteer who had taken time off of work to build houses overseas. This volunteer’s dedication made such an impression that he decided to get involved with Habitat himself. He has since volunteered for JCWPs in South Korea, South Africa, Georgia, USA, and Mexico; and he took a 14-hour flight to be in Michigan for this year’s event.

Despite the distance that he traveled to be here, Seungbong feels that supporting Habitat’s work is essential. “The volunteers are very kind and they do good work,” he says. “I don’t have much but I think it’s important to share what I have with others.”

With that philosophy, it seems as though Seungbong holds the key to true happiness.

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