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Volunteer overcomes fears to act on her faith

Soyou Yamaguchi from Los Angeles, Calif., was nervous when she found out that she would be helping to build a house during the JCWP 2005: “I signed up for another position, but ended up as a crew member,” she says.

Soyou Yamaguchi traveled from Los Angeles to build in Detroit. She didn't expect to be working on a house crew, but she's learning about building, and about herself.

A couple of days into construction, however, it appears she has overcome her anxiety. “Yesterday morning I was on top of a roof,” she says.

Soyou became involved with Habitat through her husband, who has volunteered with the organization for the past three years. She sees Habitat’s house-building work as a way to live out her faith.

“In the Bible, Romans 12:1 talks about offering yourself as a living sacrifice,” she explains. “This is one of the ways I worship the Lord.”

Although Sunday was not an official workday, Soyou was on the build site. “We wanted to get ready for Monday, so I came back yesterday to help,” she says.

Soyou is an example of the many dedicated family partners and volunteers who are making personal sacrifices to build homes this week and, as a result, are gaining much more in return.

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