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‘All that it means to be a Christian is here’

Photo: Michael A. Schwarz

Gospel recording artist Tracy Worth (pictured at right) traded a microphone for a hammer this week to help families in need at the JCWP 2005 in Detroit.

There was a time in my life, when I just knew all hope was lost.

Then I found God and he said, “Come child, take up your cross and follow me.”

That’s when the Lord, he saved me. There’s no way I could have saved myself.

When I asked the Lord, he did what he does best.

— from the song “What He Does Best” by Tracy Worth

Gospel recording artist Tracy Worth is finding practical ways to live out her faith through Habitat for Humanity. Committed to using her skills and talents to serve God by helping others, Tracy has been able to do just that as a Habitat spokesperson and volunteer on House #8 during this week’s Jimmy Carter Work Project in Detroit. “It’s one thing to go to church on Sunday,” she says, “but it’s another thing to put your faith in action.”

Although Tracy has been involved in raising funds for Habitat, this week marks her first time on a build site. She has also experienced other “firsts” this week including climbing scaffolding and hanging siding. “I’m having a blast,” she says, “and I have a new skill — siding.”

Tracy says that Habitat’s house-building work is an example of what is possible when Christians come together in prayer. She talks about the power of prayer in her song “What He Does Best,” and has seen this principle lived out on the build site this week.

“A lot of times we see people in need and we want to help them but we have to give it to God,” she says. “It’s about prayer and doing God’s will. It’s about getting out and helping others.”

“He uses ordinary people to accomplish great things,” she continues. “Living for Christ means helping others. All that it means to be a Christian is here on this build site.”

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