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Volunteer lends talents to building in Roscommon County

This week during the Jimmy Carter Work Project you can hear the sounds of hammers pounding and saws buzzing at 63 Habitat for Humanity work sites throughout the state of Michigan. One hundred volunteers, made up of local folks and people from all over the state, showed up on Monday to help build houses with low-income families in Roscommon County.

One month ago, Tom Bowman from Arrow Homes led a crew of 83 people from the Houghton Lake Rotary Club and the community in building a complete house in one day. “Tom Bowman’s talent and skill are the reasons why we were able to build a 1,200-square-foot home in 12 hours and 46 minutes. His dedication and commitment to Habitat for Humanity are the reason that we have been able to build a home faster than any Habitat affiliate in the state of Michigan," said Debbie Banks, executive director of Roscommon County Habitat for Humanity.

“Tom should be commended for what he has helped us accomplish nine different times on nine different homes. He helped us to get a jump start on the Jimmy Carter Work Project, and that is a really good thing," said Jim Kent, president of the affiliate.

Throughout the week of the Jimmy Carter Work Project, the Roscommon County affiliate will host 330 volunteers who will build four more houses and finish the one started last month.

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