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A protective barrier

Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, Ill., has a real heart for Habitat. It has shown this heart by delivering more than two hundred volunteers to the Jimmy Carter Work Project—about 50 on the Benton Harbor site and more than 150 in Grand Rapids. Bryan Kidd has led the Benton Harbor team this week, and he has been pleased with what he has seen happening.

Bryan Kidd of Willow Creek Community Church led 50 volunteers on the Benton Harbor site during JCWP.

“I’ve been involved with Habitat since high school, so it’s near and dear to me,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know my team better, to work alongside the other volunteers.”

This is Bryan’s third JCWP. He built in Anniston, Ala., in 2003 and Puebla, Mexico, in 2004. He says that his church has been looking for an event that could involve a large part of the congregation, and JCWP in Michigan turned out to be the right fit.

“We opened the trip up to the entire church,” he says. ”We’ve got people of all ages working on this house.”

Willow Creek is committed to the idea that Habitat’s greatest resource is the local church. With an attendance of around 20,000 people each weekend, this “megachurch” is searching for a way to put its enormous numbers to work for Habitat. But for now, this spiritually motivated team is working hard to complete Angela Doyle’s house on Winans Street.

“We couldn’t sign the studs,” Bryan says, “because the wrap was already on when we got started. So we just wrote on the wrap. It was like we were putting up a protective barrier for Angela.”

Emily Koon, Writer/Editor, Habitat for Humanity International

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