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The Pardhi family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Pardhi family

Gajanand Kishan Pardhi and his family lived in the mountains until 1989, when severe flooding and landslides destroyed their home. Many people and homes were swept away. Along with other families, they relocated to Bhaje village to houses supplied by the government.

Living in one house are Gajanand and his wife, Shakuntala; their three children; Gajanand’s mother; and Gajanand’s brother, Dutta, and his family. With two rooms and an attached cattle shed, the house does not provide adequate living space for the two families.

For income, Gajanand sells milk from two buffaloes and farms five acres with his brother, Dutta. Dutta works as a ticket taker at the nearby caves visited by tourists and religious pilgrims. Gajanand’s eldest son, Ajit, is also employed and earns 1,500 rupees each month. The other children attend a large school near Bhaje.

Shakuntala has been a member of a self-help group for four years. Gajanand and Shakuntala will partner with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for their family at the JCWP site.