Kamal Rane -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Kamal Rane

Fifty-six-year-old Kamal lives with her sister’s family at Karla Farms, a poultry operation. Kamal’s income is generated through group orders for vegetarian and non-vegetarian tiffins, and through the regular lessons she teaches to marathi students up to the fifth standard. When the poultry farm shuts down, Kamal will lose her home.

Kamal Rane once lived a very different lifestyle.

Her late husband had a house fabrication and welding business. They lost everything in the Raigad floods of 1989, and her husband died of a heart attack shortly after the floods. After her husband’s death, Kamal lived with her father-in-law, who supported them on his pension.

Despite having lost everything, Kamal has remained positive.

“I feel like a magician has come into my dreams, waved his magic wand and given me a house,” she said. “When I open my eyes the house is there before me. Something impossible, especially with no husband, has been made possible.”

Kamal hopes that a homes society will be formed where the women will get together and do good work in the community.

“Presently where I live there is a water problem. This problem will be solved now,” Kamal said. “I am happy to work with all the international staff members from Habitat for Humanity who have come all the way here to do something for us.”