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Indian Celebrities Lend a Helping Hand at Jimmy Carter Work Project -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Indian Celebrities Lend a Helping Hand at Jimmy Carter Work Project

LONAVALA, India, 2 Nov 2006: Indian celebrities John Abraham and Diana Hayden put their good will into action at Habitat for Humanity's Jimmy Carter Work Project. On the next-to-last day of the project, popular film star and youth icon John Abraham and Diana Hayden, former Miss India and Miss World, chipped in to build the house of Habitat home partners Gyaneshwar and Manda Jadhav.

Abraham took a short break from filming and arrived in the late morning to help install roof beams. Local media who were present immediately zoomed in on the famous face. Perched on the roof, he was the center of attention for the local media who clicked away happily.

Meanwhile, Hayden carried on with some work inside the house. She was elated over her first building effort. She told the local media who interviewed her to "spread the news" so many more can come forward to help.

"Never before have I done something like this, being hands-on," said Hayden. "It is a fantastic feeling!" Before ending the interview, she asked if the reporters and cameramen would like to volunteer for a build. After cheerily bidding goodbye, she was ready to work again, but not before obliging fans who wanted a picture with her.

The U.S. Navy also added muscle to the build when more than 40 servicemen turned up to volunteer. The day before, their fellow colleagues had also contributed their labor. One of the volunteers, Phillip Mistretta, said of his experience: "It's my first-ever opportunity to do this. It's enjoyable because I feel good about housing somebody."

Another volunteer, Keith Van Houten, liked the fact that he could click with the other volunteers from different parts of the world. "If there is an opportunity to volunteer with Habitat at the next port, I'll do it again," said Van Houten.