JCWP 2007 Families -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

JCWP 2007 Families

Getting ready
Sylvia Bautista, a family services associate with the Greater Los Angeles affiliate, has been a proud Habitat homeowner since 2000. Her firsthand knowledge of the Habitat experience gives her a unique perspective on the life-changing power of having a proper home.


The Atlas-Bland family
Taking care of six children in an overcrowded house shared with five others has made Aaron Atlas an expert on organization and juggling needs. He and his wife, Mar’lyn Bland, count far more blessings than troubles. “I don’t know many people who are as happy as I am,” Bland says. The two are working together for their new house.


The Arevalo family
Salvador Arevalo has struggled to repair the crowded, crumbling one-bedroom unit his family of five now shares. But the family’s dreams – along with their sweat equity – are now focused on their own home, with plenty of space for them all.


The Robb-Wolf family
Lynette Robb and Gary Wolf take care of others and each other despite their own struggles. Their new Habitat home will give them space to help more people, they say.


The Gonzalez family
Airport security guard Ruben Gonzalez and his wife Alice have made repair after repair to her grandmother’s house which they gratefully share. But mold, holes, cracks and other structural problems make it an endless and impossible job. The parents hope for a new start for their five gifted children in a Habitat house.


The Hernandez family
Irma and Manuel Hernandez have more partners than Habitat involved in their new home. Daughter Mayra and son Juan, who both work full time and go to college, are co-applicants. They’re working together on sweat equity and helping others.


The Ramirez family
After 30 years in a one-bedroom apartment where Guadalupe and Zoila Ramirez have slept on rugs on the living room floor, they know a new house is a gift from God.


The Ruano family
Edgar and Carolina Ruano know their children need space and privacy their one-bedroom just doesn’t offer. Now they rotate sleeping arrangements between the bedroom and the living room sofa. Soon they’ll have room for the therapists daughter Chelsea needs.


The Trujillo family
Pablo and Salud Trujillo live in a one-bedroom house in Wilmington surrounded by gangs and drugs, they say. They long for a room for their daughter who currently sleeps in the living room.


Biographies of the JCWP 2007 families (.pdf)