Multiplexes in South Central Los Angeles -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Multiplexes in South Central Los Angeles

The site plan for Vermont Avenue shows two triplexes flanking the eight-unit building around a small courtyard.
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Seagulls and planes headed for landing at LAX sweep over this South Central Los Angeles building site for the Jimmy Carter Work Project 2007. South Central is notorious for riots and drugs, but it also has sunny, tiny California houses with small yards and hard-working families. Some homes are shabby; others are full of life, color and care.

Vermont Avenue, a north-south two- to three-lane boulevard, races by. Trees line the grass-bare strip that separates lanes in this urban location.

The sparkling, modern Washington Primary School sits across West 112th St., carefully fenced. Habitat homes will join the school, a church and a U-Haul store in this struggling neighborhood, where neglect mixes with charming little Spanish-style houses and real estate prices for a single home can climb above $500,000.

On the corner build site, blue tent tops give some shade from the sun. A portable metal mini-mobile office protects construction plans from the wind. Three buildings are already standing on the site: a couple of two-story triplexes flank one three-story eight-plex. The high cost of land in Los Angeles means more families can be reached by multi-unit housing. Careful design and planning offer the families who will live in these Vermont Townhomes privacy and energy-efficiency.