The Daisy Garner family: A present for her son -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Daisy Garner family: A present for her son

Daisy Garner (left) will be working on a new house during the Carter Work Project – during the same week that her son, Will Hall III, turns 8.

Will Hall III will celebrate his eighth birthday on May 14 while his mom, Daisy Garner, 28, is hard at work building a new house with volunteers at the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

Will, who plans to be a teacher when he grows up, think the house is a good idea, but he’s pretty busy these days with English and science, his favorite subjects at Creole Elementary where he goes to school. Sports and video games are pretty OK with him, too.

Garner currently rents a two bedroom apartment that will be overcrowded once her new baby girl arrives. She’s a nurse’s assistant at Plaza Nursing, working primarily with the elderly.

She was in her apartment when Katrina hit because she needed to stay for work. Only inches of water covered the apartment, but enough to cause mold problems.

Garner grew up along the Mississippi coast and graduated from Moss Point High School. She headed for junior college and worked with the mentally handicapped for a year.

According to Garner, being selected to be a Habitat for Humanity homeowner means she and her family will have “a wonderful home and living opportunity.” She would like to tell all of our sponsors and volunteers: “Thank you! And God bless you!”