Feature stories from the Carter Work Project 2008

Feature stories

During the 25th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work project Habitat for Humanity affiliates from Houston, Texas, to Mobile, Ala. — along with host sites in Mississippi — will build nearly 150 houses and Habitat writers and editors will be documenting the action. Check out the daily feature stories for a unique perspective on the events of this year’s Carter Work Project.
Feature stories from the Carter Work Project 2008 -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Coming home again: Why it matters
Carolyn and Jessie Gaines are among many families who are finally back in their own houses nearly three years after Katrina. Still, too many wait for the stocking-feet comfort and security of a decent, affordable place of one's own. Photo by Shawn Reeves.


Closing ceremonies
There is still one more day of building left during the 2008 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. But volunteers were already able to celebrate their accomplishments Thursday night — and look forward to another opportunity to build with the Carters in Southeast Asia in 2009.


Purple thumbs and persistence
Shipei Wang hasn’t let up despite a purple thumb and finger earned building decks at the Framing Frenzy. First aid volunteers in red T-shirts bandage and care for volunteers like her at each build site and work to keep them safe. Photo by Angel Pachkowski


Day of transformation
The second full day of building produced some dramatic results Tuesday along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Houses transformed from stacks of walls and exposed trusses into distinctively recognizable homes with roofs, windows and doors. In Pascagoula, Christine Logan admired her new home-to-be. Photo by Steffan Hacker


'Batteries are included'
House leaders have an infinite array of motivational tools at their disposal, from doughnuts to loud music. "They come motivated," said Rob Collett, a neuro technician from Florida who’s overseeing the rehab of a house in Gulfport's Forest Heights neighborhood. "Batteries are included."


A kiss for his favorite
Jimmy Carter kissed Rosalynn as he introduced her as his favorite Habitat volunteer at the opening ceremonies for the 25th Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project Sunday. The crowd of volunteers cheered for them both.


Symbol of survival: the Biloxi lighthouse
Surrounded by traffic on Beach Boulevard (U.S. 90), the 48-foot lighthouse between the east-west lanes is almost lost. But this symbol of resilience and survival on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and beyond is a beloved anchor for the people who survive here – and it will provide an appropriate backdrop for the site of this year’s Framing Frenzy during the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.



Mary Spinks Thigpen: Passionate activist works for rebirth of rehab neighborhood
Thirty homes will be rehabilitated in Mary Spinks Thigpen’s Forest Heights neighborhood during this year’s Carter Work Project. “I’m not only hopeful that the neighborhood will be better than ever, I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation,” Thigpen said