HFH of Greater Baton Rouge: Building better with banana pudding -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

HFH of Greater Baton Rouge: Building better with banana pudding

A proud new homeowner, surrounded by smiling volunteers, prepares to hammer her first nail.

For the 2008 Carter Project, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge played host to 224 volunteers from the local community and from all over the United States—Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, California and Rhode Island. Groups represented included American Baptist Churches, Habitat of Nashville, AmeriCorps Alums, Silver Hammers and Hope United Ministries.

The end result of one week of intensive building in Baton Rouge’s Rosewood subdivision was 13 new homes, now in various stages of completion. All are scheduled to be completed by early fall.

“Working with the Salvation Army was a real highlight of the project,” said Lynn T. Clark, director of development at the Baton Rouge affiliate. “Our local Salvation Army was incredibly generous, flexible and accommodating. One of our northern volunteers requested banana pudding for desert, and the next day we had delicious banana pudding. The guys and gals with the Salvation Army were so kind and good-hearted. They really showed our Southern hospitality.”

The food definitely made an impression on the volunteers: On the end-of-the-build survey, Clark said, most volunteers indicated that the food provided by the Salvation Army was a highlight of their trip.

Gratitude flows both ways, from the well-fed volunteers to the affiliate.

“The participation of Habitat of Greater Baton Rouge with the Carter Project allowed us to help 13 families help themselves to a better life through homeownership,” said Clark.

How to volunteer:
Call 225-927-6651 or visit www.habitatbr.org