HFH Mobile: ‘It was a great start to the project’ -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

HFH Mobile: ‘It was a great start to the project’

Habitat for Humanity in Mobile County, Alabama, has 10 Carter Project houses “dried in”—with roofs, walls, all exterior doors and windows in place—and ready for finishing, thanks largely to the efforts of 300 volunteers from the Mobile area and far beyond, including Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia and New York. “We had one couple from New Zealand,” said Anita Havel, resource development manager for the Mobile affiliate.

In addition to the 10 houses that were begun during the week of the Carter Project, 20 others are in various stages of construction and will be finished before the end of the year.

During the project week, volunteers were inspired by one homeowner partner who was not physically able to help build but wanted to be involved in every way possible, whether it was picking up trash or handing out name badges and T-shirts.

“Every hour or so, she would walk down to see her house, just to see what progress had been made,” Havel said. “She would come back and tell us what had been done since her last visit and everyone could just see how happy she was!”

One month later, affiliate leaders are justifiably proud of what was accomplished in one hot, stormy week in May—and eager to maintain the momentum.

“The volunteers did a wonderful job on the houses,” said Havel, “and we appreciate every one of them for their hard work and dedication, even when they became waterlogged from the rain! It was a great start to the project, but the work is not finished. We still need lots of help to complete the houses we started.”

How to volunteer:
Call 251-476-7171 or visit www.habitatmobile.org