Pearl River County HFH: ‘All the expectations in the world’ -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Pearl River County HFH: ‘All the expectations in the world’

A dozen volunteers—10 local residents, along with one visitor from New Hampshire and one from Biloxi—accomplished much more than their numbers would suggest. Two of four Carter Project houses in Picayune, Mississippi, are now at the “dried-in” stage, with roof, walls, exterior doors and windows in place.

Both houses need all the interior work done, and two more houses are scheduled to be started and finished before the end of 2008, according to Donna Fischer, executive director of Pearl River County Habitat for Humanity.

Fischer is grateful to the volunteers who got the construction this far and anxious to complete the homes and get families moved in. “We need more volunteers!” she said.

Fischer is hoping to put together a Women Build crew within the next two months to help move the project along.

Ami Carvotta was among the 12 hardy souls who worked on the first two Carter Project houses during the week of May 11. Amid all the hammering and sawing, she discovered the spirit of Habitat.

“It’s funny how moments in life can be so far from what you expect, but so much more than you could have hoped for,” Carvotta said. “But all the expectations in the world can’t prepare us for the good that God has for those who love him.”

How to volunteer:
Call 601-799-4636 or visit