Washington HFH: ‘Touching and changing lives’ -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Washington HFH: ‘Touching and changing lives’

Twenty volunteers from Solid Rock Carpenters, a group based in Chicago, made the trek to Bogalusa, Louisiana., in May to help build five houses for families in need of a decent place to live in Washington Parish, Louisiana.

“Much work is left to be done on all five Carter Project homes,” said John Herring, executive director of Washington Habitat for Humanity. “But they are going to be finished this year.”

Before Hurricane Katrina, the all-volunteer Washington HFH built one house a year. Since Katrina, the affiliate has built 12 houses in an effort to address the tremendous need for affordable housing.

One of the partner homeowners who will be moving into one of the five Carter Project houses has been displaced since the 2005 hurricane. Until their new home is completed, Arlisa Dillon and her three children will continue sharing one bedroom in her parents’ house.

“We are ministering to the basic needs of people and touching and changing lives,” said Herring. “There is no greater blessing!”

How to volunteer:
Call 985-281-4955.