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Chiang Mai, Thailand stories

Daily summaries from Thailand | Highlights from Thailand
Compilations of daily summaries and highlights from the Chiang Mai build site.


November 21, 2009—David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: Au Revoir


November 20, 2009―Amid pomp and confetti, lives are changed
As partner families took photos with President Carter and introduced their children to their new homes, Carter Work Project volunteers wrapped up their work in Chiang Mai, Thailand, amid showers of confetti, gifts and joyful tears from the new homeowners whose lives they’ve helped change.


November 20, 2009―David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: Jasmin and I Plant a Tree


November 19, 2009―Future Thai homeowners give a thumbs-up―and hugs
Building houses together in Chiang Mai helps volunteers and homeowners overcome language barriers. Getting the building of their home done right makes homeowners adept at giving directions, but future Thai homeowners give a thumbs-up and hugs, too.


November 19, 2009―David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: Off-Balance


November 18, 2009―David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: Hump day


November 17, 2009―From one homeowner to another: Feel the joy
Seventeen years ago, Sonia Street got a hand up from the Carter Work Project and moved her family from public housing into a rehabilitated rowhouse. Today, she’s hard at work in Chiang Mai, Thailand, building a home for Pubadin Chatpaisarn and his family


November 17, 2009―David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: A Matter of Mortar


November 16, 2009―Here comes the sun
Hot weather and the puzzle of interlocking concrete blocks slowed some volunteers on the first day of building in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but the determined efforts of the house teams ensured steady progress was made on all 82 homes.


November 16, 2009―David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: There are Many Ways to Build a House


November 15, 2009―Fireworks and rain in Chiang Mai
The sound of drums, the art of an elephant and speeches from former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Habitat CEO Jonathan Reckford officially opened the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project in a day filled with fireworks and rain in Chiang Mai.


November 15, 2009―David Rubel’s Blog from Chiang Mai: The Rehearsal Dinner


November 11, 2009―Building the foundation for a community
For months before the beginning of the 2009 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, volunteers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, have been hard at work. As they prepare the site, they are creating far more than a refurbished school and a community center—they are building the foundation for a community.