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Sra Por village, Cambodia stories -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Sra Por village, Cambodia stories

Daily summaries from Cambodia | Highlights from Cambodia
Compilations of daily summaries and highlights from the build site in Sra Por village.


August 2009Making a living then, making a life now
In 2009, Sam Sue and his wife, Ly Pheap, built their own home with the help of volunteers during the Carter Work Project: Mekong Build. Now, they and their three children are healthy, safe and happy in Oudong, Cambodia.


November 21, 2009―Cambodian thank-you for the Carters
Jimmy Carter called the welcome and the village of Sra Por beautiful. Bands, scouts and bunting were all part of a Cambodian thank-you for the Carters for their 26th annual project with Habitat for Humanity.


November 20, 2009―Free to fly
Standing together in the New Life Community they built side by side, Habitat volunteers and partner families in Cambodia watch songbirds take flight. They are symbols of the departure of the homeowners’ old lives, but perhaps they also represent new hopes.


November 19, 2009―From the seeds they planted, a village grows
An act of kindness during a visit to the Steung Meanchey dump in Cambodia inspired Australians Paul and Aileen Munn to do whatever they could to help the families who lived there. Now, with help from Habitat volunteers, they’re seeing a new community grow from the seeds they planted.


November 18, 2009―Taking initiative
Dreams about flowers and storage space are closer than ever for conscientious homeowners who are already taking ownership of their new houses in Cambodia. Families are taking initiative to make sure the job is done right.


November 17, 2009―A better place for Hout Tera
Hout Tera and her baby currently live with her mother and father near the Steung Meanchey dump. She is helping to build her new home in the New Life Community, which is a far cry from the dump


November 15, 2009―Counting down in Cambodia
Even before the walls rise on the houses at one site of the 2009 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project in Phnom Penh, lives are being changed as volunteers meet the families whose dreams they are helping to build. Together, they are counting down in Cambodia.


November 11, 2009―A ‘New Life’ is almost ready in Cambodia
The 21 families moving to the new Habitat site in Oudong city have named their neighborhood the New Life Community. It is situated in Sra Por village―seemingly a world away—from the garbage dump where they previously lived.


October 5, 2009―Determination to change in Cambodia
Since childhood, Chea Marady has shown extraordinary survival skills, overcoming disability and hardship that would have defeated many people. The promise of a new home, though, has given him the foundation to not simply survive, but to thrive.