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Qionglai City, China's Sichuan Province stories -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Qionglai City, China's Sichuan Province stories

Daily summaries from China | Highlights from China
Compilations of daily summaries and highlights from the Qionglai City build site.


November 18, 2009―Looking forward to new homes
Habitat families are among those families who will live in the new rental housing project that is part of the Carter Work Project this week. All of those families are looking forward to new homes.


November 17, 2009―The real celebrities
Sure, actor Daniel Wu was looking good, working hard and signing hard hats on the build site in China, but don’t dwell on him and other high-profile folks. At any Habitat build, you soon learn the real story is about home partner families and volunteers, the real celebrities.