The Brackett family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Brackett family


Belinda Brackett likes her home and her neighborhood, but the century-old house is showing its age. Her home will be repaired as part of the A Brush with Kindness program.

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‘We don’t want to leave here’

Belinda Brackett’s home is more than 100 years old. It is large enough for her family of four children, and still has its original hardwood floors and elaborate crown molding.

But it also shows a few signs of its age. The roof hasn’t been replaced in decades, the paint is faded and chipping, and some of the siding needs to be replaced. Enter Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program.

“I was hoping we could repair this,” Brackett said. “I’d heard good things about Habitat’s repair program, so I contacted them. We don’t want to leave here. We just need some help to fix things up.”

She has lived in the house since 1999. Her oldest son, 20-year-old Darrius, is out of school and aims to become a barber. Three of her children are in the same school system she attended when she was young.

“We like this neighborhood,” she said. “It’s got a great backyard for the kids to play in.”

Brackett said she’s looking forward to joining volunteers during the Carter Work Project. She already has picked out a dark beige tone for the paint going on the outside of her house. “It’s a pretty one, like a caramel color,” she said.