A Brush with Kindness -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

A Brush with Kindness

The Foster family
‘Footprints in our lives’

Partnering with Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program has enabled Michael and Qwentetta Foster to provide a sturdier home for their three children: Micah, 14; Micahya, 13; and Christian, 7.

“This is truly a blessing,” the parents said. “Without Habitat’s assistance, our family would have never been able to afford the home repairs we need.

“We are truly grateful for this blessing and the footprints it will make in our lives.”

The Kelly Family
‘I am overjoyed’

For Curnithia Kelly and Ronald Blair, partnering with Habitat Greater Birmingham means much-needed house repairs will finally happen.

“I am overjoyed by the new improvements that my home will receive,” Kelly said. “It will brighten the community and be greatly appreciated.”

The Kendall family
Answering a ‘much-needed call’

Joy Kendall’s daughter, Gwen Williams, and grandson, Alex, live together at her Fairfield home. A Brush with Kindness will provide for the completion of much-needed exterior repairs on their home.

“I have been praying for someone to help me for a long time,” Kendall said. “I want to thank Habitat for answering the much-needed call. Thank you, and God bless you for answering my prayers.”

The Lawrence family
Joining forces with volunteers

J.T. and Glenda Lawrence are looking forward to working alongside volunteers at their home during the Carter Work Project.

“It is great to have someone help us do the things we are no longer able to do,” the Lawrences said. “We feel so blessed to have Habitat and their volunteers to help us.”

Sandra Norris
‘Such a blessing’

A new roof is on the agenda for Sandra Norris’ home in Fairfield, Alabama, on the same street as Habitat Greater Birmingham’s office.

“I am very excited my home was selected among those to be repaired as part of the Carter Work Project,” Norris said. “It is such a blessing to have people who will donate their time and expertise to help others, giving the blessings on.”

Arie Smith
‘A wonderful blessing from God’

Repairs on Arie Smith’s Fairfield home will go a long way toward improving the exterior of her house.

“This is a wonderful blessing from God,” Smith said. “Thank you so much for the home repairs, and may God bless Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Work Project.”

The Williams family
‘So very grateful’

Homeowner Mary Williams is partnering with Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program to provide new exterior painting and roof repair on the home she shares with Rahim Olajuwon.

“It is absolutely wonderful to have someone help our family with home repairs,” Williams said. “We are so very grateful of the work Habitat is doin.”