2010 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project: Birmingham, Alabama partner families -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

2010 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project: Birmingham, Alabama partner families

Betty McKeller family
Betty McKeller lives in a house that six generations of her family have called home. Her grandfather built the house in 1949, and today McKeller lives there with her son, a granddaughter and a great-granddaughter, Aniyah. Their house will get new paint and porch repairs through Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program.


Vila Lett family
At age 81, Vila Lett is a breast cancer survivor, but most of her income has had to go to medical bills, leaving her too little to make exterior repairs to the home she has lived in since 1956. She is thankful for the help she is getting through Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program.


Belinda Brackett family
Belinda Brackett likes her neighborhood and her 100-year-old house, which has a big back yard where her younger children can play. But the home is showing some signs of its age, so she is getting help from Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program.


Nicole Jackson family
Nicole Jackson still remembers how excited she was when her mother was selected as a Habitat homeowner partner. Now with three children of her own—Nimone, 10; Patrick, 9; and Kenzie, 7—she’s excited to be working with Habitat to rehabilitate a house for her family.


Terri Sullivan family
Terri Sullivan regularly contributed to and volunteered with Habitat in the 1990s. Today she’s working with Habitat as a homeowner partner to create a fresh start for her children.


Deontenice Snider family
Deontenice Snider enjoys her job as a home health aide because it allows her to tailor her schedule around the needs of her son Allen, who has cerebral palsy. Becoming a homeowner through Habitat for Humanity will make caring for Allen and her other two sons easier.


Valerie Gilchrist family
As a teacher at a school serving low-income students in urban environments, Valerie Gilchrist knows how important every opportunity is to her own children. She is happy to be able to provide another opportunity for them by rehabilitating a house with Habitat.


Valarie Bogar family
Valarie Bogar is excited about her new Habitat home, and also about the volunteers who will be working alongside her during the build. Among them will be her co-workers from the Birmingham-area Walmart where she has worked for 23 years.


Caprechia Collins family
Caprechia Collins’ children, Latoya, 11, and Kenneth, 8, love sports and playing together. Collins is happy that the family will soon be in a new neighborhood where the children can meet new friends.


Ted and Wanda Harville family
Ted Harville is happy just to be able to work on a Habitat build site. He still feels pain from a fall off a ladder seven years ago. His wife, Wanda, left her job to care for him, but now she’s back at work, and the entire family is working together to build their new home.


Brian and Cherisse Freeman
Brian and Cherisse Freeman have already been impressed by the Habitat volunteers they’ve worked with while putting in sweat equity on the first home they will own. “Everybody’s smiling,” Brian Freeman said.


Geri Smith family
As an employee of Wells Fargo’s home mortgage department, Geri Smith appreciates Habitat for Humanity’s work to build and rehabilitate decent, affordable housing. She says her new Habitat home will be “a chance for a new beginning” for her and her three children.


Vanessa Gunter family
Vanessa Gunter and her 17-year-old grandson, Justin, are each excited for the other to be getting a new home. Vanessa Gunter works two jobs to support the two of them while Justin goes to high school. She calls her partnership with Habitat a “God thing.”


Kristina Cummings family
Kristina Cummings saw the stabilizing effect of homeownership when her mother became a Habitat homeowner three years ago. Now, as she works toward a Habitat home of her own, she’s proud that her 3-year-old son, Kaleb, won’t have to move around as much as she did as a child.


The Coach family
After Anicha Coach’s apartment was broken into three times in 18 months, her mother decided enough was enough and helped Coach move in with her sister’s family. Now Coach and her sons Montress, 9, and Montez, 5, will have a Habitat home in a more secure neighborhood.


The Harris family
For Cheryl Harris, rehabilitating a home with help from Habitat is a time of transition. She hopes to return to school when the home is finished, and wants to find a new church with her 22-year-old daughter, Candace.


The Woods family
Delores Woods is happy that her rehabilitated housee will provide a .permanent home for her mother, daughter and granddaughter. By working with Habitat on her new house, she is providing a good example for the younger generations of her family.


The Gloria Thomas family
Sunday dinner means family time to Gloria Thomas. Every Sunday, her entire family in the Birmingham area gathers for dinner at her parents’ home. But now that she is rehabilitating a home with Habitat, Thomas might soon be hosting Sunday dinners at her house.


The Idella Thomas family
Idella Thomas is happy that she will soon have a rehabilitated house in a neighborhood where she and her 2-year-old son, Jaterrius, don’t have to feel unsafe.


Pritchett-Conaway family
As part of her sweat equity, Gretta Pritchett-Conaway mowed lawns at various Habitat properties, including a dilapidated house in Fairfield. At the time, she wondered whether Habitat would rehabilitate the house, but soon it was demolished. And then came the surprise: The lot of the demolished house is where her new home is going.


The Mays family
The Mays family has a passion for both animals and jokes. When asked how many pets the family has in their rental home, the father, Lawrence Mays, answers: “Can we count the rats?” They are thankful that they’ll soon have a new home to replace the house they lost in a fire in 2008.


A Brush with Kindness
The Williams family, The Foster family, The Kelly family, The Kendall family, The Lawrence Family, The Norris family, The Smith Family