The Pritchett-Conaway family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Pritchett-Conaway family


A homemade surprise

As part of her sweat equity, Gretta Pritchett-Conaway spent some of this summer mowing the lawns at various Habitat properties. One of them was in Fairfield, in front of a dilapidated house.

“I wondered if they were going to try and do magic on that one, or if it would have to be demolished,” Pritchett-Conaway said.

The house was indeed demolished, but to her surprise, she was soon told that her house would go up in its place.

“I knew I was working toward something,” Pritchett-Conaway said. “I just didn’t know I was already so close to it!”

A native of Chicago, she moved to Birmingham with her family when she was 10. She now works at Liberty National Life Insurance and has two children, Georgehetta, 6, and George, 3. Georgehetta is particularly excited about moving to the family’s new home. “She talks every week about how she’s going to decorate her room, her new pillows, everything,” Pritchett-Conaway said.

Meanwhile, Pritchett-Conaway is thrilled to build a new home less than a mile away from her mother’s house, where she has lived since moving out of a two-room trailer.

She looks forward to having her mother over to her new house for a meal. “My mother’s a sweet lady, and very patient,” she said. “She keeps relatives’ kids during the daytime: my kids, my sister’s three children and some cousins’ kids. She embraces working with children and teaching them things.”