The Gloria Thomas family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Gloria Thomas family



Teaching the value of faith

Sunday dinner means family time to Gloria Thomas. Every Sunday, her entire family in the Birmingham area gathers for dinner at her parents’ home.

Soon, Thomas might want to host a Sunday dinner at her home; after the Carter Work Project, she and her three daughters will move into their rehabbed Habitat house.

Alexis, 11, is her oldest daughter. She enjoys choir the most at her middle school. A’Maya, 9, and Autumn, 8, are both in elementary school. This summer, the sisters ran track at the Sandusky Recreation Center.

Thomas, who was born and raised in Birmingham, is proud of her family. She earned a degree in accounting from Miles College and has worked at a CVS Warehouse for the past five years; she also trains CVS employees at other locations.

“Owning my own home will give my children their own space,” Thomas said. “This will teach my kids the value of hard work and faith. I want them to know that their mom worked hard to provide a better life for them.”