Via Lett family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Via Lett family


At 81, Vila Lett has survived cancer but also has had to spend most of her income on medical bills. Now her home is getting needed repairs as part of the A Brush with Kindness program.

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‘I don’t meet no stranger’

2010 is a year of new chances for Vila Lett. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, but it was caught early. She had to spend some time in the hospital during a vicious cycle of five chemotherapy and 25 radiation treatments.

Lett is thankful that she’s back home and that the cancer is in remission. Now she hopes to get her house back in order after using most of her income on medical bills. During the Carter Work Project, volunteers will help her with a variety of painting and other exterior repairs.

“My daughter told me about Habitat,” Lett said. “I didn’t know they helped with repairs, but I had heard good things about them.”

This is the same house she has lived in since 1956. Two of her children visit her often, but at 81, Lett has outlived her other three children. Her husband, a steelworker, died of lung cancer in 1999. “I packed him lunch every day,” Lett remembered.

She is thankful for the work Habitat Greater Birmingham is doing in her neighborhood. And Lett is looking forward to all the volunteers expected to help with the repairs on her house.

“I enjoy meeting people,” she said. “I don’t meet no stranger!”