The Abdi and Wali family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Abdi and Wali family


Halima Abdi and Abu Wali look forward to a new home for their three energetic young boys and their teenage niece.

‘We are already proud of our home’

For Halima Abdi and Abu Wali, life is about balance. With three energetic young boys and their teenage niece at home, it can be hard for these working parents to find time for their careers.

For the next few months, though, they will do all that plus attend homeownership classes and put in several hundred sweat-equity hours on their new Habitat house. In the end, they know that it will be worth it.

“We’re going to have a better place to live,” Wali said. “We’re going to live the American dream, to own our own home.”

Since moving to Minneapolis in 1998 from Somalia, Abdi and Wali have put down roots in the community. They are regular members of their local church and have a strong family network in the area. Still, with a growing family they need a house of their own to thrive.

Along with the space, independence and stability that come with owning a house, Abdi is looking forward to having “a place for my children to grow up, to run and play.” Abdi and Wali want for their children what any parent wants: to be happy, to graduate from college, and to have a better life.

The couple has already started putting in long hours building their house. They both enjoy working alongside Habitat volunteers, who come from all around the metro area.

“It’s a lot of fun, and we meet a lot of people,” Wali said. Those volunteers, she said, have inspired her. “I’m willing to give my free time to volunteerism and to my community now.”

Although there is still much to do, Abdi and Wali are both thankful for this opportunity. “We are already proud of our Habitat home.”