The Diggins family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Diggins family


Deborah Diggins wants her children to have a house they will be proud to live in.

Taking steps toward the future

Raising five children, Deborah Diggins has fine-tuned her ability to identify with different individuals. She realizes the importance of understanding how each of her kids communicates with his or her peers, and said of this unceasing education: “I wouldn’t say it makes life complicated, but it makes it really, really rounded.”

Diggins loves having barbecues with her children, going on walks with them, and taking them to plays. Once she graduates from college—Deborah will earn her Bachelor of Arts in human services from Metro State University in less than a year—she plans to treat her family to Latin dance classes.

They also gather regularly for “family church,” during which they pray together and reflect on both blessings and challenges. In line with her respect for other perspectives, she says, “I don’t try to push it off on anyone.”

“But,” she added with a smile, “I’m not afraid to brag about God!”

Diggins wants her kids to have a nice house where they are proud to live. Between school and full-time work with Hennepin County, family obligations and financial limitations, Diggins was looking for help with house projects.

This fall, Habitat volunteers and staff will complete exterior painting, a new railing in front, and repairs to the back porch through the A Brush with Kindness program. Diggins says her house will once again be “happy, thankful, maintained and moving forward,” just like her family.

A native of a small town in Tennessee, she moved to Minneapolis about 18 years ago and rented half of a duplex for the first 17 years. She became a homeowner a year ago, and she knew upon entering her house that it was the right one.

She loves the people she’s met in Minneapolis, too: “Each time I made a step, there was someone here who helped me make two or three more.”