The Lawson family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Lawson family


Since coming to the United States from Togo in 2003, Melody Lawson and her four young children have worked patiently toward their first home.

A pair of answered prayers

Melody Lawson and her family are an incredible reminder of the powerful words of Romans 12:12: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Since coming to the United States from Togo in 2003, Lawson and her four young children have waited patiently to settle into a home of their own.

Lawson first applied to be a Habitat homeowner in 2006. Shortly afterward, she began the lengthy visa application process to permanently bring her husband to the United States. Then, with advice and encouragement from Twin Cities Habitat staff, she applied with Habitat again once she became eligible to purchase a home in 2010.

In the years between, Lawson kept praying and kept busy—taking care of her children, working as a literacy tutor with the Minnesota Reading Corps, and attending school to earn her teaching certificate. Over the years, Lawson carefully placed each rejected visa application between the pages of her Bible.

“Every morning I prayed and I prayed,” Lawson said. “And I believed.”

After years of waiting, her patience and prayers were answered: “I got the news from Habitat, and three days later, I got the news from the National Visa Center,” Lawson recalled. “I was so excited. We jumped for joy.”

Not long after, she shared the joyful news with her church’s congregation. Many church members have volunteered on her new home in North Minneapolis. Lawson’s family is eager to reunite under one roof. The children—between 3 and 11 years old—will now have their dad with them all the time. And with their new home, the family will be free to play outside, invite friends over, and have space to devote to their studies—“the main purpose,” Lawson noted.

It took time, but her patience and prayers have been answered with a simple but remarkable gift: a home of her own for the family she loves.