2010 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project: Minneapolis, Minnesota partner families -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

2010 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project: Minneapolis, Minnesota partner families

The Nigere and Bayisa family
Kitessa Nigere has already been working hard in North Minneapolis’ Hawthorne neighborhood, where he, his wife, Ebise Bayisa, and their two children will soon have a rehabilitated house. Nigere says he loves connecting with other volunteers on the site.


The Rowles family
Robert and Rose Marie Rowles have lived in their North Minneapolis neighborhood for 47 years. They’re happy to see signs of renewal in the community, and are excited to take part in Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program, which will provide exterior repairs to their home. .


The Clark family
Wendy Clark moved into her North Minneapolis home 14 years ago because housing was more affordable than in south Minneapolis, where she grew up. The single mother of three has found home maintenance difficult, but now she is getting help from Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program.


The Diggins family
Deborah Diggins has her hands full: She is raising five children, working toward her bachelor’s degree in human services, and still making time every week for “family church.” With so many responsibilities, she has been looking for help with home repairs. She’ll get that help through Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program.


The Eberly family
SaDee Eberly has many ideas to help her neighborhood, including restoring the 100-year-old home she grew up in and now owns. Her parents lived in the house for more than 30 years, and she hopes to someday pass it on to her children.


The Jorenby family
Kristin Jorenby has put a lot of work into improving her neighborhood: removing absentee landlords, getting abandoned homes demolished and earning a “Building Blocks” award. But physical and financial limitations have made it difficult to maintain her home’s exterior, so she has turned to Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program for help.


The Lawson family
Since coming to the United States from Togo in 2003, Melody Lawson and her four children have waited patiently to settle into a home of their own. Now, Lawson says, her prayers are being answered with a new Habitat home and the approval of her husband’s visa application.


The Ingram family
Drakeima Ingram moved her family from Chicago to Minneapolis in 1995, and has had to deal with bad landlords, foreclosures, court appearances, broken appliances and rodents. Now she looks forward to sharing a sense of community with her new neighbors.


The Hamza family
Abdulazize Hamza, his father, Hamza Ahmed, and two younger brothers share one bedroom in a friend’s four-bedroom house, where they have lived since their public housing eligibility expired. But soon they will have a four-bedroom house of their own. The family has already completed more than 300 sweat-equity hours.


The Abdi and Wali family
With three young boys and their teenage niece at home, it can be hard for Halima Abdi and Abu Wali to find time for their careers, but with the promise of a new home ahead of them, they are prepared to do all that plus take homeownership classes and put in hundreds of sweat-equity hours.