The Angesom and Gebremicael family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Angesom and Gebremicael family

‘We live in hope’

After applying to partner with Twin Cities Habitat, Yared Angesom and his wife, Yorsalem Gebremicael, were initially told that all Habitat family partners had been selected for 2010. But they held on to hope—and to their faith.

For Yared Angesom and Yorsalem Gebremicael, a home means stability and safety—top priorities for the young parents of two.

“We don’t give up. We hope,” Angesom said. “We are Christians. We live in hope.”

Then one summer day, which happened to be the first day Angesom owned his cell phone, his first incoming call came from Twin Cities Habitat. He answered that call, and he’ll never forget what Habitat answered in return: his prayers.

“I had really been dreaming, especially for safety,” he said. “And finally … they called us.”

Thanks to the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, Angesom and his family were selected to become the owners of a rehabbed Habitat house in St. Paul.

For the young parents of two, a home means stability and safety. The new home will provide baby Aser and little Lihem ample space and opportunities to explore. Aser’s name translates in Hebrew to “happy; blessed,” which precisely defines how this family feels about purchasing a Habitat home.

Active in their local Baptist church, where Angesom’s brother is a pastor, the family is grateful that church members will be volunteering. With a curiosity for carpentry, Gebremicael is excited to contribute her own sweat equity, too.

After moving into the Habitat home, Angesom plans to focus on education for himself and for his children. He has already spoken to a local college about pursuing certification in computer mission control. Although his career path has been guided by the need to provide financial stability for his family, he looks proudly ahead to the diverse career opportunities his little ones might one day pursue.

“Maybe if I want to be a doctor, I will see it in my kids,” he said. “If I want to be an engineer? I will see it in my kids.”