The Kinchelow family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Kinchelow family


“To have adequate cross-ventilation and clean air in my house will be like having new lungs,” said YaLanda Kinchelow.

An example of faith

When her family moves into their Habitat home, Ya Landa Kinchelow will be breathing easier. A collapsed lung landed her in the hospital last January, caused in part by the poor air quality, uncontrollable thermostat and lack of ventilation in her current apartment.

Kinchelow has dealt with exercise-induced asthma for years, but this was the first time she had to be hospitalized. She and her son have also had to use inhalers more frequently because of the stagnant, humid air in her apartment.

A new house will make a dramatic impact in the quality of life for this family of three. “To have adequate cross-ventilation and clean air in my house will be like having new lungs,” Kinchelow said.

The Kinchelows only recently learned of their acceptance into Habitat’s homeownership program, and the mother remembers the day well. The call came while she was at work. Kinchelow promptly brought her two sons to the house to share the news with them.

She is thrilled to see her boys, Taylor and Dale, excel in school, and they will be able to stay in their current schools. They remain the driving force for her to pursue homeownership and, ultimately, a better quality of life for her family.

Kinchelow’s church family has been a great source of support for her throughout her life. She is active in the music ministry and says she is grateful for the wonderful network of people in her life. Her ministry sings songs of hope, of faith and of God’s great love for the world. After acceptance into Habitat’s program, these songs have taken on new and deeper meanings for her, and she says they are true testaments to God’s great works in her life.

Sometimes she has moments of disbelief or doubt about her homeownership, but she knows God will continue to guide her. She often reminds herself: “Don’t put a question mark where God put a period.”