Todd Thomas -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Todd Thomas


“I feel blessed to be part of this program,” said Todd Thomas.

‘I feel blessed’

Recent storms have been especially difficult for Todd Thomas and his St. Paul home.  Every time a strong rain comes, he places 5-gallon buckets in all corners of the house to catch the water dripping inside.

When snow melts in the wintertime, he’s back at it. His 1920s home is well past due for repairs on the roof, siding and windows. But Thomas’ limited finances have prevented him from doing the work himself.

“I work full time and support three children who live out of state, and at end of the day I don’t have extra money lying around for home maintenance projects,” he said.

Running out of options, Thomas turned to Twin Cities Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program after receiving a flier in the mail. In just a few months, he was notified that the repairs would be completed as part of the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project this fall.

“When I received the phone call, a sense of relief came over me,” Thomas said. “I feel blessed to be part of this program and will no longer have to spend all my time worrying.”

Now a sense of optimism comes over him when he talks about his plans. He’s very excited to be working alongside Habitat staff and volunteers.

“It will be great to have these repairs completed for when my kids come visit me,” he said.