CWP Post-Trip Resources -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

CWP Post-Trip Resources

Take Action

Continue taking action on behalf of Habitat and our work in Haiti.

  • You can remind Congress that land tenure affects decent housing. Start by visiting .
  • Present your experience with Habitat to colleagues, friends, family, a church or civic group and recruit at least 10 online advocates. Use any of the videos and presentations below.
  • Meet with your Congressional representative in your district regarding Habitat for Humanity International’s legislative priorities. If a meeting in the district office is not possible you can contact your Representative’s office in Washington, D.C. and ask to speak with the staffer who deals with housing.

Trip resources

Several resources were distributed prior to and during the trip including:


Please use the videos from the 2011 Carter Work Project, in presenting your experience to colleagues, friends, family, a church or civic group.


Share ready-made presentations focusing on Habitat’s Build Louder campaign with your co-workers, friends or community members. Build Louder is Habitat for Humanity’s multi-year advocacy campaign focused on influencing U.S. policies in order to improve access to adequate and affordable housing around the world. Build Louder presentations can be found here.

Congressional resources

Use the following resources to help you with your Congressional visits.