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Adeline Auguste -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Adeline Auguste



“It will be a total change for me”

Adeline Auguste, 55, still bears the physical and emotional scars of the 2010 earthquake that took her husband’s life and destroyed the home they shared in Léogâne.

Auguste and her husband used to sell rice and cooking oil for a living, and they had just renewed their rent for the year when disaster hit.

When the earthquake struck, Auguste tried to run outside but fell, and part of the concrete house collapsed on top of her. Among many injuries, she suffered a broken wrist.

“It still gives me a lot of pain,” she said, moving her arm gingerly to show how the bone wasn’t properly set and is slightly crooked. Her range of motion is severely limited.

In addition to the broken wrist, Auguste still copes with persistent headaches and a knee injury that requires prescription medicine. Since she lives in a temporary shelter made of tarps, though, she cannot keep the medicine at a stable temperature.

“It’s too hot during the day and too cold during the night,” she said, rubbing her knee. “The pain is worst at night. With the new house, I’ll be able to follow my prescribed treatment. It will be a total change for me. I will feel better and sleep well.”