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Frantzyse Erisma and family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Frantzyse Erisma and family



“Good things can happen”

Frantzyse Erisma, 28, is the general coordinator of the Association of Women’s Solidarity, an advocacy group that has been instrumental in Habitat for Humanity’s work in the Santo community. She and her daughters, ages 6 and 7, are also among the 100 families who will be moving from tents into permanent homes after the Carter Work Project.

“This house is very important for our family,” Erisma said. “As soon as you have a house, good things can happen for you. This is very important.”

Erisma’s rented house was destroyed in the earthquake. She and her daughters lived in a tent for a while, but have since moved into a one-room house in Léogâne while they wait for their house to be built.

“I’m really happy about the Carter Project,” Erisma said. “The community is very involved and very happy. It has been especially important to get women involved in every step of the project, speaking out for the benefit of everyone.”

“I’m a strong woman, and I’m here to support Habitat and the community,” she said. Pointing to the sea of blue tents around her, she added, “You see the situation that people are living in here. These people need a home. I’m just ready for that moment to come.”