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Genevieve Merveille and family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Genevieve Merveille and family



Looking to the future

Genevieve Merveille, 28, and her husband, Fenes Mathurin, lost everything they owned in the 2010 earthquake, but they survived along with their three children: daughter Mirlaine, 12, and sons Kervins, 9, and Jean Felder, 4.

“Nobody was hurt,” Merveille said softly.

Merveille’s husband drives a taxi in Port-au-Prince, which means he has to commute two hours each way every day in order to make a living. Merveille is left to tend to the children when they’re not in school, and to try to make a tent a livable home.

“I can’t sleep very well here,” she said. “But we have nowhere else to go.”

Merveille is most excited about the difference the house will make on her children’s health. The youngest boy suffers from asthma, aggravated by the dirt floor in the temporary shelter and daughter Mirlaine has had problems with her skin caused by the extreme heat in the tent.

All three children are good students although Kervins is the only one who doesn’t have to be prompted to keep up with his schoolwork. “He wants to be a doctor,” Merveille said.

Having a real home will move the whole family a little closer to their dreams.