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Rosemie Dodo and family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Rosemie Dodo and family



A mother’s dream

Rosemie Dodo, 26, spends as little time inside her temporary shelter as she can; the heat is not healthy for her infant daughter, Nadjhe. Sometimes she leaves the baby with neighbors in order to walk to the camp’s well to draw a bucket of fresh water.

“Sometimes the baby is hungry, but nobody can help me,” she said. Most of her neighbors are barely able to feed their own children.

Before the earthquake, Dodo rented a house in Léogâne. She made a modest income as a street vendor selling beauty products but the earthquake destroyed her home, along with nearly everything she owned.

Now her 7-year-old son, Sergio, lives with her mother because she can’t care for both him and her baby daughter. Dodo’s family helps support her, but most days she has one meal of rice or plain spaghetti.

When Dodo moves into her new house in November, she hopes her son will be able to move back in with her and start attending school. Her dreams for both her children are simple.

“I want them to go to school and have a happy life,” she said. “Have a better life.”