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Habitat for Humanity International's annual reports and 990 forms

Because of this house…we build

In fiscal year 2014, Habitat served over 1.6 million people through home construction, rehabilitation and repairs and by increasing access to improved shelter through products and services. Other efforts like training in construction and financial management and by advocating for policies and systems that increase access to housing solutions, an additional 3 million people now have the potential to improve their living conditions. Over 1 million families have been served as of June 2014 since Habitat was founded in 1976.

Annual Report 2014 | Annual Report 2014 (5.4MB .pdf)990 (927 KB .pdf) | Consolidated Financial Statements (173KB .pdf)

Building Toward 1 Million and so much more
In fiscal year 2013, Habitat for Humanity served 124,946 families around the world. We also launched a new five-year strategic plan to serve more families and communities and to broaden our impact on the overall housing sector. 

Annual Report 2013 (6MB .pdf) | 990 (1.65MB .pdf) | Consolidated Financial Statements (533KB .pdf)

Why We Build: Homes, Communities and Hope
In fiscal year 2012, Habitat for Humanity served a record 94,618 families worldwide through construction, rehabilitation and repairs. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat has helped more than 600,000 families break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives. Long-term, generational change begins with a decent home. 

Annual Report 2012 (4MB .pdf) | 990 (1MB .pdf)Consolidated Financial Statements (292KB .pdf)

The many roads home

Habitat for Humanity served a record 81,399 families worldwide in fiscal year 2011 through construction, rehabilitation and repairs. Despite the economic downturn, Habitat expanded its toolkit of housing services. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all housing solution. Instead, there are many ways to help and, indeed, many roads home.

Annual Report 2011 (3MB .pdf) | 990 (2MB .pdf) | Consolidated Financial Statements (289KB .pdf)

What we build

In fiscal year 2010, nearly 75,000 families were served by Habitat worldwide―almost triple the number of five years ago. Our homeowners, volunteers and partners build so much more than houses for these families, however. We build community, friendships, health, tolerance, construction skills and financial literacy. Through the grace of God, we build a better world.

Annual Report 2010 (5MB .pdf) | 990 (4MB .pdf) | Consolidated Financial Statements (128KB .pdf)