Making it count

FY2022 impact totals, individuals served around the world and financial statements

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46 million+

Since 1976, Habitat has helped more than 46 million people build or improve the place they call home.


In FY2022, Habitat helped more than 7.1 million people build or improve the place they call home.


refugees who secured short-, mid- or long-term accommodation with Habitat’s support within the first 100 days of the Ukraine crisis. Since the onset of the war, Habitat has responded to the housing and humanitarian needs of refugees seeking safety and shelter in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia.


of equity invested in two startups — India-based 3D-printing housing manufacturer Tvasta and Cambodia-based clean and affordable water provider TapEffect — through Habitat’s Shelter Venture Fund, which seeks to scale housing solutions by supporting emerging companies. Including funding for Tvasta and TapEffect, Habitat has invested more than US$3.3 million in 12 startups since Shelter Venture Fund’s launch in 2017.


homes rehabilitated by Habitat Jordan through our regional Middle East Refugee Crisis Initiative, which supports housing and water and sanitation needs for refugees.


In FY2022, more than 5 million people gained the potential to improve their housing conditions through our training (167,452) and advocacy (5,498,644).

2.4 million

people reached with knowledge and resources to build better homes, thanks to two new “edutainment” radio and television shows developed by Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter and media partners in Kenya and the Philippines.

US$30 million

in capital deployed by Habitat Mortgage Solutions across 10 states toward the projected development of roughly 350 affordable housing units in the United States.


countries around the world where Habitat organizations reported contributing to successful policy and system changes that improved access to adequate and affordable housing, including by opening access to government funding.

US$3.3 billion

in government funding accessed or allocated for home affordability as supported by the Cost of Home U.S. advocacy campaign.


More than 700,000 volunteers helped build, advocate and raise awareness about the global need for shelter in the past fiscal year.


emergency shelter kits delivered in Haiti after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the country’s southwest region in August 2021. The kits — which included a tarp, mosquito nets, cooking pots, a shovel and other essential items — provided short-term support to earthquake survivors as Habitat assessed the damage.


Habitat ReStores operating in the U.S. and around the world, selling discounted furniture, appliances, home goods, building materials and more while diverting millions of pounds of reusable items from local landfills and toward sales that help create affordable housing in local communities.

Individuals served

FY2022 summary

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Habitat works around the world through our national offices and in partnership with other organizations in certain countries. Learn more about where we work on

United States and Canada

New & rehab construction 14,888
Repairs 19,092
Total 33,980

Latin America and the Caribbean

Legend marker showing countries tinted light orange are partnership programs.
New & rehab construction 20,515
Incremental construction 22,685
Repairs 85,965
Professional services 11,695
Market development 1,603,665
Civil society facilitation 8,340
Total 1,752,865

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Legend marker showing countries tinted lighter blue are partnership programs.

Note: In April 2022, Habitat’s Europe, Middle East and Africa office was split, creating an Africa area office and a Europe and Middle East area office. The numbers presented here were tallied before that change and therefore are categorized together.

New & rehab construction 5,380
Incremental construction 210,335
Repairs 3,295
Professional services 5,215
Market development 3,058,690
Civil society facilitation 51,755
Total 3,334,670

Asia and the Pacific

Legend marker showing countries tinted lighter green are partnership programs.
New & rehab construction 8,190
Incremental construction 88,080
Repairs 93,085
Professional services 2,360
Market development 1,775,710
Civil society facilitation 29,210
Total 1,996,635

Habitat for Humanity’s strategic plan looks at the number of individuals impacted by our work. The Habitat network reports our work as a mix of households and individuals. To present our figures as individuals, we multiply by five the number of households served by our international work, and we multiply by four (or by two for repairs) the number of households served by our work in the U.S. and Canada. The data presented here have been through this conversion.

New and rehabs
New houses are 100% newly constructed and meet Habitat for Humanity quality standards and local building codes. Rehabs are restorations of houses that once met Habitat’s standards and local building codes but needed major, usually structural, work to bring them back to these standards and codes.
Minor restoration, such as patching roofs or walls or replacing materials in houses that still meet Habitat’s quality standards and local building codes.
Market development
Individuals served with better housing through the private sector as a result of a Habitat program.
An intervention that fully addresses one or more of the five Habitat for Humanity quality standards:
  • Adequate size
  • Durable construction
  • Secure land tenure rights
  • Access to adequate amounts of clean water
  • Proper sanitation
Professional services
Preconstruction advice or design services provided directly by Habitat professionals to the household, for specific construction projects.
Civil society facilitation
Partnerships in which Habitat leads community-based and nongovernmental organizations in a program designed to expand adequate and affordable housing.

Financial statements

FY2022, Habitat for Humanity International

A stack of cut wood planks.

Moving the mission forward

God has truly blessed Habitat for Humanity. We are incredibly grateful to you, our donors and supporters, for your continued generosity. This report bears testament to the work you help make happen and illuminates how we are changing lives every day — together. Your faithfulness and deep engagement with our mission inspire and energize us. Because you share our mission, our mission moves forward.

Fiscal year 2022 — like every year — presented challenges, but also opportunities. We continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and global inflation on our work, and our finances and are ever-alert to continuing changes in the economy and to crisis moments around the world. And yet, in the midst of so many complex and overlapping factors, we are strong. Our revenue, both restricted and unrestricted, performed above plan. Through committed stewardship day to day, we also once again kept our expenses under plan.

Through this success, and as we look ahead, we continue to make key investments in our program work, fund our endowment, strengthen our capacity around the world and support our strategic initiatives. Thank you for doing your part to help make sure that the organization can work hard today and plan well for tomorrow.

The need for affordable housing, for secure and stable places to call home, only continues to grow around the world. Our determination to meet that need head-on grows as well. Every innovation, every solution, every change we help create is a direct result of your commitment. We are tremendously grateful for your partnership, your prayers and your active participation.

Ed Anderson
Chief Administrative Officer
Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International’s auditors have expressed an unqualified opinion on our June 30, 2022, consolidated financial statements. Those financial statements include associated notes that are essential to understanding the information presented here. The full set of statements and notes is available for download.

All figures presented are in thousands of dollars.

Consolidated financial information

Chart showing the majority of revenue came from contributions, with less than 10% each from gifts in kind, government grants and other income.
FY2022 source of funds
Revenue type Amount %
Contributions $374,946 83%
Gifts-in-kind $40,648 9%
Government grants $17,459 4%
Other income $16,292 4%
Total revenue $449,345
Pie chart showing that about three-quarters of funds were used for programs, with 19% going to fundraising and 7% to management.
FY2022 use of funds
Expense type Amount %
Program - U.S. affiliates $139,912 46%
Program - International affiliates $69,041 23%
Program - Public awareness and advocacy $17,472 6%
Fundraising $58,663 19%
Management and general $20,922 7%
Total expenses $306,010

Consolidated statements of financial position

FY2022 financial assets
Asset type FY2022 FY2021 $ change % change
Cash and cash equivalents $152,005 $95,033 $56,972 60%
Investments at fair value $233,318 $220,408 $12,910 6%
Receivables $176,993 $134,454 $42,539 32%
Other assets $24,395 $26,504 $(2,109) -8%
Total assets $586,711 $476,399 $110,312 23%
FY2022 financial liabilities and net assets
Type FY2022 FY2021 $ change % change
Total liabilities $142,941 $171,375 $(28,434) -17%
Net assets
Unrestricted $220,014 $170,190 $49,824 29%
Restricted $223,756 $134,834 $88,922 66%
Total net assets $443,770 $305,024 $138,746 45%
Total assets $586,711 $476,399 $110,312 23%

Consolidated statements of activities

FY2022 revenues and gains
Revenue type FY2022 FY2021 $ change % change
Contributions $374,946 $259,743 $115,203 44%
Donations in-kind $40,648 $54,946 $(14,298) -26%
Government grants $17,459 $17,557 $(98) -1%
Other income, net $16,292 $29,389 $(13,097) -45%
Total revenues and gains $449,345 $361,635 $87,710 24%
Satisfaction of program restrictions - - - 0%
Total revenues and gains $449,345 $361,635 $87,710 24%
FY2022 expenses
Expense type FY2022 FY2021 $ change % change
Program services
U.S. affiliates $139,912 $139,109 $803 1%
International affiliates $69,041 $70,489 $(1,448) -2%
Public awareness and education $17,472 $17,507 $(35) 0%
Total program services $226,425 $227,105 $(680) 0%
Supporting services
Fundraising $58,663 $54,309 $4,354 8%
Management and general $20,922 $19,031 $1,891 10%
Total supporting services $79,585 $73,340 $6,245 9%
Total expenses $306,010 $300,445 $5,565 2%
Losses on contributions receivable $4,589 $635 $3,954 623%
Total expenses and losses on contributions receivable $310,599 $301,080 $9,519 3%
Change in net assets $138,746 $60,555 $78,191 129%

Combined finances


A volunteer stands on a ladder attaching wires through a fully framed ceiling.

The audited financial statements of Habitat for Humanity International reflect only part of Habitat’s work around the world. As autonomous nonprofit organizations, Habitat for Humanity affiliates and national organizations keep their own records of revenues and expenditures. To better demonstrate the magnitude of the movement, Habitat for Humanity International annually compiles combined (unaudited) financial amounts for Habitat for Humanity in total.

For the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2021, we estimated the total impact of the entire Habitat for Humanity mission was as follows:

$2.1 billion

total revenue

$3 billion

total net assets
Pie chart showing that in fiscal year 2021 below half of funds came from contributions and grants, with smaller amounts in gifts in kind and sales of homes.
FY2021 source of funds
Revenue type Amount %
Contributions and grants $873 million 41%
Sales of homes $575 million 27%
Gifts-in-kind $499 million 24%
Other income $179 million 8%
Pie chart showing that in fiscal year 2021 over 80% of funds were used for programs, with under 10% each in fundraising and management.
FY2021 use of funds
Expense type Amount %
Program $1.6 billion 83%
Fundraising $153 million 9%
Management and general $176 million 8%