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Global Village volunteer program

Global Village

A domestic and international volunteer program

Volunteer internationally to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the community.  Learn about poverty housing, development challenges and Habitat’s ministry and mission to help eradicate them. The funds you raise help build decent shelter in the country you visit and support the Global Village program.

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Featured trips

April 25-May 6

Volunteers are needed to be Habitat’s boots on the ground to construct disaster-resistant homes and provide stability for affected families.


June 5-14

The goal of this project is to empower and improve the lives of ex-Kaimaiya bonded laborers. Not only will we build homes, we’ll also bring awareness to Nepal’s deeply entrenched inequalities. 


Feb. 13-22

Help build a “seed home” that can be expanded over time and learn how Habitat Argentina is strengthening communities. 






Feb. 28-March 8

The “call” of Alaska is legendary and on this trip you will soon discover why. We’ll work hard and enjoy Alaska infamous hospitality.


March 10-19

Take a volunteer trip to one of the most beautiful places in America. Experience Hawaii’s breathtaking landscape while helping a family obtain affordable


April 3-12

Be part of our efforts to empower a community and improve living conditions in Cambodia. 


April 10-19
Immerse yourself into the daily life of a rural Malawi village as you build a home for orphans and their caretaker. 


May 23-June 1
Get an insider’s look into life in Macedonia and return home knowing that you made a difference.



June 25-July 4 
Take part in our efforts to bring safe, stable housing to an area affected by flooding and other natural disasters. 


Specialty trips

Thrivent Builds

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Explore additional trip options designed through Thrivent Financial’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

All are welcome on Thrivent Builds Worldwide teams. Thrivent benefit members are eligible for special trip pricing.