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Global Village volunteer program

Global Village

A domestic and international volunteer program

Volunteer internationally to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the community.  Learn about poverty housing, development challenges and Habitat’s ministry and mission to help eradicate them. The funds you raise help build decent shelter in the country you visit and support the Global Village program.

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Featured trips

Good Well Build
June 5-14

Help us to empower and improve lives. Not only will we build homes, we’ll also bring awareness to Nepal’s deeply entrenched inequalities. 


Nelson Mandela Build
July 11-19
Honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy by working alongside South African and international volunteers. 


May 16-25
Journey to a land where the historic past mingles with the optimistic, modern present. This trip promises to be a unique experience.






June 6-15
Travel with us to the heart of Macedonia and help us improve the quality of life for a family in need. 


June 6-14

Learn new skills and build lasting friendships on this volunteer trip to Hawaii. 



June 6-14

Make a difference in the poorest region of Guatemala. You’ll ensure families have access to healthy and secure housing.



Dominican Republic
June 13-21 | July 18-25

Immerse yourself in island culture as you help families build new homes brick by brick.
July 3-12

Become immersed in the local community and serve people who are struggling in poverty.

Aug. 8-21
Make a difference in Bali. In just two weeks, you can change the lives of a deserving family. 


Specialty trips

Thrivent Builds

  Thrivent Builds Worldwide trips

Explore additional trip options designed through Thrivent Financial’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

All are welcome on Thrivent Builds Worldwide teams. Thrivent benefit members are eligible for special trip pricing.


The Global Village volunteer program is grateful for the generous support of Thrivent Financial. Learn more about our event and program sponsors.