About your program donation

Habitat’s Global Village program builds in multiple countries around the world, including the United States of America.

Each volunteer contributes a program donation that covers the costs of meals, transportation and accommodations throughout the trip and also helps Habitat grow our work in the field. 

The program donation is composed of two important components:

1) A direct contribution to Habitat’s work in the location you travel to and in support of all ongoing Global Village program efforts.

2) The necessary funds to cover expenses incurred during the official dates of your Habitat trip.* These expenses include:

  • All meals and accommodations for the duration of the trip.
  • Transportation once you arrive at the airport through the day of departure.
  • Cultural activities and community visits.
  • Travel accident and sickness insurance.
  • Trip cancellation insurance (international trips only).
  • Professional construction support and a translator for your group.
  • A portion of your team leader’s airfare and program donation.

*Please note that a volunteer’s airfare to the build location and visa fees (if applicable) are not included in the program donation.
The portion of your program donation that is a direct contribution to the host program you’re volunteering in is extremely valuable. This financial component helps to employ local host coordinators who are preparing for your team and translators (if applicable) who provide support throughout the week, as well as skilled masons and laborers who you’ll work alongside during your trip and who will remain to complete construction after you return home.

“Why not just send money?”

We often get the question, “Why not just send the money?” or “Wouldn’t our donations go further by hiring local, skilled workers instead of relying on volunteers?”

Without volunteers like you, who travel around the world to help bring strength, stability and self-reliance to homeowners, Habitat wouldn’t be able to bring affordable shelter to families eager to partner with us.  

The expenses incurred by your team while traveling, such as meals, hotels, transportation, etc., help to stimulate the local economy — oftentimes, in areas that often do not typically benefit from tourism.

The benefits of time spent in your host program don’t stop once you return home. When you share photos and stories of your experience, the vision of Habitat for Humanity spreads to more people than ever before. Habitat’s early work relied solely on the service of volunteers, and we’re able to serve more families each and every year because of your experience and voice.

Your donations are vital, but it’s also because of your heart for service to others, willingness to help advocate for the cause of affordable shelter and excitement for tangibly experiencing Habitat’s mission on the build site that we’re able to continue working towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Fundraising assistance 

Fundraising options are available for each trip. Once you join a Habitat trip, you’ll have access to our peer-to-peer fundraising platform that will make sharing your story with others simple and impactful. We’ve also developed a fundraising toolkit that offers more ideas for fundraising opportunities.

The program donation for your Habitat trip is typically tax deductible, but you should consult with your tax professional for specific financial guidance. A tax receipt will be issued after each donation is made.

If you have questions about the program donation for your trip, email us at [email protected] or call 1-800-HABITAT.