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Global Village Roles and Responsibilities

Roles within Global Village 

Role of the team leader
(with assistance of Habitat for Humanity International GV support team):

  • Communicate with the in-country host and Habitat Global Village support team to ensure a well-organized, meaningful trip.
  • Negotiate the itinerary details, transportation, lodging, food, etc., with the host.
  • Review the standard budget that covers all work team expenses and donations.
  • Help advertise and recruit team members. The team leader is solely responsible for interviewing and inviting all team members.
  • Provide appropriate orientation materials for team members (e.g., cultural sensitivity, travel advice, passports and visas, goals, expectations, geography, politics, religion, logistics, health, safety and first aid).
  • Facilitate team meetings, including reflection time, logistics updates and discussions about Habitat’s global work.
  • Provide expertise and skills needed in times of crisis.
  • Encourage team members to participate in the team fundraising challenge, and share fundraising resources with team members.

Role of the Habitat volunteer engagement specialist and support coordinator:

  • Recruit, screen and train potential team leaders.
  • Serve as liaison between the team and the host program.
  • Administer long-range planning, scheduling and evaluation of the total GV program.
  • Provide program orientation materials for team members and leaders.
  • Maintain emergency information, waivers and records of team members and leaders.
  • Process all team fees and donations. Provide financial accountability for all teams and host programs. Communicate available GV team donations to Habitat for Humanity International area offices.
  • Promote the concept and program of international and domestic Global Village teams.
  • Provide support and encouragement to the team leaders and members for the team fundraising challenge and share fundraising resources.

Role of the Habitat registration coordinator:

  • Receive, review, process and respond to participant application submittals. Send an email in response to every application.
  • Distribute electronic copies of new applications to team leaders based on participant’s preference of dates and locations. Forward applications that are currently in the GV database to team leaders for reactivating participants as requested.
  • Coordinate marketing of programs via the Global Village website through customized trip fliers.
  • Act as primary Habitat GV contact for open team applicants until they have been accepted to a team.
  • Assist in identifying candidates to help fill all Global Village teams, in conjunction with the Habitat for Humanity International Volunteer Engagement specialist and support coordinator.

Role of the host Global Village coordinator:

  • Extend formal invitation to team leaders.
  • Serve as liaison between the work team leader and the host program staff.
  • Introduce work teams to the local committee and host community in which they will work.
  • Help arrange work-related logistics, appropriate lodging and food arrangements with team leader. Remain available to the team throughout their visit.
  • Provide input to Habitat Volunteer Engagement specialist on country guidelines, travel advice, in-country costs and other pertinent information that will help leaders plan successful teams.
  • Participate in trainings hosted by regional GV staff.