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Special interest builds

Every Global Village trip is unique, but some teams have a more specific focus while helping serve families around the world.

Current special interest Global Village builds

Philippines Disaster Recovery (Feb. 14-25, 2015)
Join our team to help families impacted by the typhoon. We will build back stronger to withstand the next storm. 
Paraguay Women Build (Feb. 28-March 9, 2015)
Join this group of volunteers working to empower women and inspire change on International Women’s Day in Asuncion, Paraguay. This team will partner with single female homeowners, local community leaders and Habitat staff.

I-Did-A-Build Alaska (Feb. 28-March 8)
Take an amazing service trip to one of most beautiful places in America. We’ll work hard, enjoy the infamous hospitality of many Alaskans and hopefully spot a moose or two.

India Women Build (March 5-15, 2015)
Hear women’s stories, build together and forge a sisterhood that spans geography and culture. 

Philippines Disaster Recovery (April 25-May 6, 2015)
Volunteers are needed to construct disaster-resistant homes and communities that provide stability for typhoon-affected families.

Veterans Build Vietnam (May 8-23, 2015)
Habitat will return for a second Veterans Build trip. All veterans are invited to participate, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam veterans. 

Alaska Women Build (May 9-17, 2015)
Team up with Women Build in Anchorage, Alaska during Mother’s Day week. This trip celebrates all of the women involved in building a better world.