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Fundraising through the awarkwardness

By Stephanie Maxwell

Stephanie Maxwell is a four-time GV volunteer.

My trip to Portugal in March will be my fifth Global Village trip. For my four previous trips, I was not successful in fundraising. I felt awkward asking co-workers for donations, and my family was a bit strapped so I didn’t ask them. I had always paid the trip expenses out of my pocket.

Since this will be my first time as a team leader, I wanted to go full force with my fundraising and put away any awkward feelings I had about asking for donations. I read the fundraising booklet and tried a few fundraising methods I had never done before. I mailed nearly 40 fundraising letters and became more active on Facebook by posting my Share.Habitat link daily with inspirational messages. I have yet to receive any responses from my letters, so I have to say that Facebook has been the most successful part of my fundraising. 

I also work for an institution where it is against policy to solicit colleagues with emails for a charitable cause, so I had to think of a new and acceptable way of getting the word out. I placed a flyer in the kitchen with pictures from previous trips and I update it every month. I’ve had a few co-workers donate after they read they flyer and asked me about my trip. As the trip gets closer I will be speaking to my office to remind them that there is still time to donate.  

All of my friends on Facebook know how much I love Habitat for Humanity and how passionate I am about volunteering, so they were very generous when when they learned I was finally leading a GV trip. I’ve been so touched and so blessed. 

Global Village Team Leader Stephanie Maxwell is leading her first team to Portugal in March.