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Thank you

Thank you to all the Global Village and Thrivent Builds Worldwide teams that traveled in December. Our Habitat partners are grateful for your commitment to building houses and hope around the world. We also greatly appreciate all the volunteers who participated in the GV Challenge and raised additional funds to support Habitat’s homebuilding projects.

Start Date Event Code Country Team Leader 
12/3/13 GVE14012 Sri Lanka Suzanne Rampling
12/6/13 GV14257 Bolivia Brett Lehigh
12/6/13 GV14331 Nepal Maris Grossman
12/7/13 GVA14232 El Salvador  John Paukstis
12/13/13 GV14107 Ethiopia Alexandre Harrington
12/14/13 GV14272 Chile Anne Myers
12/14/13 GV14527 Guatemala Benjamin Walters
12/26/13 GV14044 United States Kira Schwartz
12/27/13 GV14355 Nepal Janet Caffray